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Sixth Form

Carew Academy offers its Sixth Form students three pathways to follow. These contain a wide and varied curriculum that ensure our students learn the skills required to achieve their desired outcomes. The pathways ensure that pupils can focus on subjects that interest them, that will stretch them and ensure that pupils leave Carew with the skills and confidence to be successful in their adult lives. The Sixth form has a dedicated Speech and Language therapist who ensures that good SaLT practice is embedded across all lessons.


We aim to obtain and enable the best possible outcomes for our students. We have developed a pathway system that lets us support the whole range of needs and talents that our students display.

Skills for Further Education

Here the emphasis is on developing the necessary English, Maths and IT skills to access a higher level college course. This is for students who are particularly academic, but sometimes require a little extra time to achieve the grades necessary for applying to an unassisted college course, or perhaps socially and emotionally they are not ready to attend a local post- 16 college. They follow a more academic curriculum as well as benefiting from the greater freedom and responsibility of a Sixth Form. Alongside this the students develop travel and independence skills as well as volunteering around the school and in the community.

Subject Accreditation / Benefit Lessons per Week
English GCSE/Functional Skills/ Entry Level 1 2 3 4
ICT GCSE/ Entry Level 1 2 3 4
Maths GCSE/Functional Skills/ Entry Level 1 2 3 2
RSE and PSHE Entry Level 1 2 3 2
Food Studies Life Skills 2
Volunteering Employability 2
Community skills Life Skills 4
Humanities Employability 4
MFL Employability 2
Literacy Employability 1
Music Life Skills 1
Tutor NA 1
Assembly NA 1

16-19 study programme requirements

Skills for Work

Here the emphasis is on developing the skills to be able to achieve a meaningful work placement or job. This includes developing the necessary English, Maths and IT skills to gain employment. The social skills to lead or work as part of a team and the practical experience of regular work experience. Our Sixth Form students on this pathway take part in at least one day of work experience every week and spend another day a week on a young enterprise scheme, designing and developing their own business. Students are assessed on their employability skills and their curriculum is designed around their relative strengths and weaknesses so as to give them the best possible chance of employment post 18.

Possible outcomes on this pathway are supported internships, further college courses, apprenticeships and full time work.

Subject Accreditation/ Benefit Lessons per Week
Work Experience BTEC Skills for Independence and Work 6
Young Enterprise Young Enterprise Team Award 6
BTEC BTEC Skills for Independence and Work 4
RSE and PSHE Entry Level 1 2 3 1
Food Studies Life Skills 2
PE Life Skills 4
Community skills Life Skills 2
Numeracy Employability 1
Literacy Employability 1
Music Life Skills 1
Tutor NA 1
Assembly NA 1

Skills for Life

Here the emphasis is on developing independence and life skills. We develop the social and physical skills to build the resilience and ability to be increasingly independent, as such allowing our students to lead a fulfilling and dignified life post Carew. This is a very practical pathway that concentrates on, among other things, being able to buy things from a shop, deal with money, develop travel training skills, make phone calls and use a computer.

Subject Accreditation / Benefit Lessons per Week
BTEC Btec Personal and Social Development 9
PE Life Skills 5
TR Life Skills 2
RSE and PSHE Entry Level 1 2 3 2
Food Studies Life Skills 2
Volunteering Employability 2
Community skills Life Skills 2
Numeracy Life Skills 2
Literacy Life Skills 1
Music Life Skills 1
Tutor NA 1
Assembly NA 1


The purpose of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) is to provide knowledge and understanding of how the human body changes during puberty and the processes of human reproduction, within the context of relationships based on love and respect. It should develop understanding and attitudes which will help pupils to form relationships in a responsible and healthy manner and to appreciate the value of stable family life, including the responsibilities of parenthood and marriage.

The key aims of RSE are to

1. Provide accurate and relevant information about physical and emotional changes that children and young people will experience through their formative years into adulthood.
2. Establish an awareness of the importance of stable family life and relationships, including responsibilities of parenthood and marriage.
3. Foster self-awareness and self-esteem.
4. Develop a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and others.

The RSE sessions will include watching video clips from the RSE programme of study and input from the class teacher. All teaching materials are appropriate to the age and emotional maturity of pupils concerned and the teachers will aim to present the programme in an objective, balanced and sensible manner.

The programme will cover

Love, marriage and relationships, including LGBT.
Safer internet use
Puberty and Menstruation
Personal hygiene


The Sixth Form curriculum has been carefully structured to provide a curriculum that is:

  • Broad and balanced
  • Engaging and interesting
  • Focused on the individual needs of each pupil
  • Able to develop academic, functional, vocational and creative skills

We will nurture, encourage and listen to every voice in our community, including pupils, parents and carers, friends and staff. Maximising the potential of every pupil will be placed at the heart of all decision making.   All young people will be valued for their individual contributions and their talents celebrated. We will support all pupils to leave as confident and independent individuals, armed with the necessary skills to ensure that they can advocate effectively for themselves. We will support pupils to pursue their ambitions, attain full social inclusion and achieve a high quality of life.

The school is making such a difference to the lives of our young people. I am immensely proud of all that you are achieving.

Cllr Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council


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