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2017 was another incredibly successful year for Carew Academy.  Year 11 students achieved fantastic GCSE results.  There were 36 GCSE passes (up from 28 in 2016) in English Language, Mathematics, Science, Art, Physical Education and Computing (Cambridge National).

Every Year 11 student achieved a minimum of an Entry Level Qualification in English and Mathematics.  In Year 13, all students achieved the BTEC Workskills Entry Level 3 Qualification.

The method for allocating points to qualifications has changed this year, but using the comparable calculation to 2016 the Total GCSE Point Score rose from 674 (2016) to 1026 (2017), this represents on average an increase of half a GCSE grade per grade awarded.  This demonstrates the high expectations Carew has for its students and continued positive trend in outcomes.

In addition, for the first time students achieved the Silver Arts Award and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, demonstrating the broadening range of accreditation.  The Total Point Score for Year 11 was 2780 (2017) compared to 2376 (2016) which highlights the ongoing trend in students achieving higher quality passes.

All Year 11 and Year 13 students moved on to Further Education, Training or Employment – there were no NEET students in 2017.  There are no national measures of progress but Carew continued to use Classroom Monitor to track students’ progress in Literacy and Numeracy working as part of the ‘Forum of Five’ a group of similar schools to benchmark progress.

The curriculum also includes highly bespoke packages to support individual student interests and strengths, including partnerships with Sporting Chances, SILC and Carshalton College.  The curriculum offer for students continues to develop with GCSE Photography and the introduction of Dance and History as Middle School options.

In summary, Outcomes at Carew Academy last year were Good and there remains a case to suggest that since the School opened as an Academy in Sept 2013, Outcomes over time for students are Outstanding over the four year period.

The school is making such a difference to the lives of our young people. I am immensely proud of all that you are achieving.

Cllr Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council


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